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The DEUTZ-FAHR tractor range has something to suit everyone!

DEUTZ-FAHR is a brand that invests massively in technology. Its goal is always to supply the farmer with state of the art but reliable agricultural vehicles that facilitate his work and maximize his productivity. This is a mission which the company carries out with the utmost determination and pride. On a DEUTZ-FAHR tractor, nothing is left to chance.  The range includes:

7 Series:  224 - 263hp

The 7 Series tractors offer state of the art style, efficiency, productivity and comfort. They boast outstanding equipment, including extraordinary DEUTZ AG engines and unbeatable ZF continuously variable transmissions.....  Show Me More

6 Series:  149 - 193hp

The 6 Series is the perfect fusion between technology and design: engineered with built-in efficiency in every single system and with minute attention to detail in every component, instrument and control, these machines are extraordinarily productive......  Show Me More

6 Series TTV:  149 - 193hp

The 6 Series TTV brings together the most advanced technology developed by DEUTZ-FAHR in a tractor that combines outstanding performance with superior fuel economy and unrivalled driver comfort.......  Show Me More

430 Agrotron TTV:  114 - 134hp

The Agrotron 430 TTV tractors are versatile machines capable of tackling any possible condition, equipped with highly efficient engines and the TTV continuously variable transmission........
Show Me More

5 Series:  99 - 127hp

The DEUTZ-FAHR 5 Series is a range of extremely versatile state-of-the-art machines offering astonishing versatility in terms of configuration.  The 5100|5110|5120|5130 models employ innovative technology to cater for any application in all possible conditions..........Show Me More

5 Series TTV:  99 - 127hp

The new DEUTZ FAHR 5 Series sets new standards for the mid-power class in terms of efficiency, productivity, style and comfort. The TTV version takes a step further by adding the extraordinary versatility of a continuously variable transmission..........Show Me More

430/610 Agrotron K:  100 - 130hp

The Agrotron K epitomises the ideal modern agricultural tractor: highly productive and versatile in the field, agile around the farm and quick when transporting on the road..........Show Me More

Agrofarm TTV Profiline:  99 - 109hp

Agrofarm TTV / ProfiLine is the definitive multirole tractor. Designed and built with minute attention to detail for extraordinary compactness and limited weight, these tractors set new benchmarks for versatility and manoeuvrability..........  Show Me More

Agrofarm:  85 - 109hp

Offering multi-role functionality and great performance at outstanding value for money, the 410 |420 |430 Agrofarm range is available in a variety of configurations, with two or four wheel drive and as platform or cab variants...........Show Me More

Agrofarm G 410 | 430:  88 - 102hp

In the design of the Agrofarm G, DEUTZ-FAHR focused on practicality and real-world capability, two of the core values of the philosophy of the German multinational and cornerstones of its technological supremacy in the agricultural machinery sector............Show Me More

Agroplus F Ecoline:  99 - 109 hp

The Agroplus F Ecoline series embodies the essence of simplicity, with a single piece cowl, SDF TIER III engines, a low driver seat, short wheel base and outstanding agility and manoeuvrability............Show Me More

Agroplus:  53 - 70 hp

The Agroplus range consists of four models with different engine powers: 315, 320, 410 and 420. Reliable, competitively priced and economical to run...........Show Me More

Agroplus Ecoline:  62 - 85 hp

The Agroplus Ecoline series consists of four models of tractor covering a wide range of applications: from the compact 310, optimised for general farm duties, to the powerful 410, which is capable of performing open field tasks in complete safety..........Show Me More

Agrolux 310/320/410:  62 - 75 hp

Offered as two or four wheel drive variants, the DEUTZ-FAHR Agrolux 310|320|410 deliver extraordinary performance and extraordinary reliability together with extremely low running costs..........Show Me More


Small in size but big on performance: Agrokid is built to tackle a wide spectrum of applications reliably and efficiently. A compact tractor offered with all the accessories necessary for working in any agricultural application, from the open field to specialised crop farming..........Show Me More


Designed for total compatibility with the entire DEUTZ-FAHR tractor range, these front loaders are sturdily built, reliable accessories which make DEUTZ-FAHR tractors even more versatile than ever.........Show Me More

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