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Swadro TC 1370

Ex Demo
  • Single axle with air-pressure brake
  • Tyres 620/40R 22.5 – rotor tyres 16×6.50-8
  • ISOBUS operating terminal CCI-800 in-cab
  • AUX joystick WTK
  • Central swath curtain, automatically upward pivoting in road transport position of the rotors
  • Brake control (field/road mode) – only in combination with option 1075
  • LED working lights
  • Krone lift tines – clean forage and high work rates
  • Krone jet effect – protects the sward and produces clean forage without poking into the ground
  • Maintenance-free rotors and gearboxes – warrant reliable operation and long life
  • DuraMax cam track: (3 year warranty) perfect swath presentation and boosted harvest chain efficiency
  • Pull-type and cardanic rotor suspension – superior rakes in flat and undulating terrain
  • The Krone driveline – mechanical driveline results in minimum service and maintenance and high efficiency
  • KRONE dura-max cam track – tine arms with maintenance-free groove ball bearings
  • KRONE easy-line driveline (leading rotors operate at approx 25% faster rpm than rear rotors)
  • Rotors individually protected from damage by knock-out clutch
  • Drive train with freewheel
  • Side-independent work width adjustment
  • Swath width automatic system
  • Rotor height automatic mode (1 rotor is adjusted, all other rotors are adjusted automatically; allows operators to program 2 preselectable rotor heights)
  • Single rotor lifting of all 4 rotors
  • Hydraulic rotor suspension, selectable from the cab
  • 4 wheel rotor chassis incl. 4 trailing guide wheels
  • Hydraulic frame ensures transport height less than 4000mm without folding tine arms
  • LED headlights and warning panels
  • Hectare counter

Technical data

  • 4 rotor centre delivery rake
  • Work width: 10800-13700mm
  • Swath width approx 1400-2600mm
  • Transport width approx 2990mm
  • Transport height 3990mm (without folding tine arms, hydraulical running gear)
  • Weight approx 5800kg (basic machine)
  • Rotor diameter 3600mm (front) 3300mm (rear)
  • 4×13 tine arms (fixed)
  • Maximum PTO speed 540rpm
  • Power requirement approx 59kW (80 HP)
  • Required hydraulic connections: Load-Sensing



Price £56,000 +VAT
Hours n/a
Color Green
Machine Type


Year 2022
Make Krone
Model Swadro TC 1370