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The McCormick range has something to suit everyone!

The McCormick range of tractors offer power, economy, reliability, comfort and value for money.  There's a McCormick to suit any job no matter how big or small and the range includes:

McCormick X8 VT-Drive

Continuous technological innovation and constant pursuit of quality have been the cornerstone of Argo Tractor’s activity since its foundation more than 30 years ago. This ongoing commitment has lead to the design and development of the innovative McCormick X8 tractor range which sets the benchmark worldwide for power, reliability, user-friendly technology and comfort. The X8 tractor is designed to suit the most demanding needs of large farms and full-time agricultural contractors.....  Show Me More

McCormick X7.4-X7.6

For over 30 years, the Argo Tractors Group has focused its efforts on improving the quality and efficiency of its products. As a result of this strategic choice, Argo Tractors engineers have further upgradedMcCormick’s superb X7 tractor range, which now leads its class in efficiency, performance, flexibility and comfort...... Show Me More

McCormick X6.4 VT-Drive

McCormick has designed and developed the new X6.4 VT-Drive series with an ambitious goal: to create a range of highly customizable medium-power tractors to effectively meet the farmers’ needs. Born out of the extensive on-the-ground experience of Argo Tractors’ engineers, the X6.4 tractor is designed to be truly versatile in any situation. The X6.4 sports the unmistakable modern and aggressive style of McCormick’s latest-generation models, designed to give the tractors a powerful and compact look....
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McCormick X6.4 Tier4 Final

The McCormick X6.4 range includes three models powered by 4.5L Betapower engines that deliver 114, 121 and 130 hp. Respectively. All engines meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards and are equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). In addition, they feature the Power Plus system which automatically increases horsepower to 121, 133 and 140 hp, respectively, to handle tough conditions and heavy loads during transport and PTO applications. Boasting McCormick’s latest family styling, the new X6.4 series features a compact design and a new, modern four-post cab with automotive-grade fit and finish for maximum comfort and ease of operation.... Show Me More

McCormick X6 Tier4 Final

McCormick has contributed to writing the history of agricultural mechanization. A history that continues today with Argo Tractors, an international group of companies that makes technology innovation and quality the focus of its daily activities. This ongoing commitment has led Argo Tractors engineers to develop a truly innovative range of highperformance utility tractors that has no equal for versatility, simplicity, reliability and comfort. The McCormick X6 sets a new milestone in compact tractors for field work. Designed with versatility in mind, the X6 tractor will handle a variety of tasks, from field operations such as soil preparation, sowing and haymaking to barn management activities, with ease and in complete safety..... Show Me More

McCormick X5 Tier4i

The X5 is the new generation of McCormick’s compact tractors for field work. Designed with versatility in mind, the X5 will allow farmers to carry out in complete safety a variety of tasks both in the field and on the farm, from tillage, sowing and haymaking to barn management activities. Engineered and built to handle all daily operations in the farm with total reliability and maximum comfort, the X5 tractor is the perfect choice for medium-scale stand-alone farms. The X5 tractor is highly versatile and completely customizable to meet farmers’ specific needs. ... Show Me More

McCormick X4 Tier4i/Tier 4

The X4 Series replaces both the CX-L and CL models revolutionizing McCormick’s low- and medium-power range with a new family of lightweight and powerful tractors that bring more productivity and versatility in the field. Available in both platform and cab versions, the X4 Series tractors are ideal for seed bed preparation activities, such as ploughing, tillage and harrowing, which require stability and strength, as well as for work between tight orchard rows, where agility is paramount. Built to provide outstanding visibility and easy manoeuvrability, these tractors are equally perfect for forage harvesting activities and front loader operations, and ensure comfort and safety during high-speed road transport.. ... Show Me More

McCormick X4m

Specially developed to replace the CL tractor family, the X4m Series is a new range of sturdy, simple tractors designed to deliver new levels of performance. The X4m Series incorporates advanced technical solutions that minimise operating costs while providing a perfect combination of ruggedness and reliability, making this tractor ideal for field tasks, haymaking and transport operations. Supplied in both two- and four-wheel drive configurations, the X4m is available in both cab and ROPS versions. The three models in the range – X4.30m, x4.40m and X4.50m – are all powered by modern Deutz Tier4 Final engines. The engine hood has been redesigned to reflect the new McCormick family styling. Specially developed by Argo Tractors, the versatile Speed Four modular transmission with synchro shuttle offers four synchronized gears in three ranges providing 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds... ... Show Me More

McCormick X2

Launched to replace the existing GM range, the X2 Series are compact nimble tractors ideal for easy manoeuvring in tight spots. The hood and cab roof have been completely redesigned with a modern look matching the new McCormick family styling. The X2 Series comes in two models: STD with the choice of either cab or platform, and GE only available in platform version. On the GE model, the design of the front axle and rear final drives allows the driving position to be lowered by 95 mm as compared to the STD version; this results in better performance in tight and low spaces such as overhead trellis vineyards and greenhouses. Fitted with 24-inch rear tyres, the X2 Series tractor has a minimum overall width of 1254 mm and a steering wheel height of only 1218 mm, making them extremely compact vehicles. ... Show Me More

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