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The McCormick X7: 143 - 212hp

The all new McCormick X7 series; innovative design for supreme comfort and performance.

  • New transmission and shift control programmes
  • New hydraulic system and remote valves
  • Luxury seating and arm rest controls
  • New digital air conditioning system
  • Hydraulic cab and front axle suspension option

The X7 Series is a completely new range of tractors with the product goals set to achieve greater performance through enhanced operator comfort and convenience as well as longer service life and industry leading reliability.


Externally the new styling shows off the tractors sleek appearance and one’s attention is quickly drawn to the wider more spacious cab. Operator comfort and control layout is completely overhauled with no carry over from previous families.

Two ranges will be available, both feature FPT BetaPower diesel engines with SCR technology to meet emission requirements.  This power unit is well proven and offers excellent torque reserve, trouble free operation and fuel efficiency. Four cylinder units have a structural block while six cylinder units retain the proven chassis frame concept. The new designed cooling pack provides outstanding access to the radiator, charge cooler and A/C condenser for easy cleaning in dry dusty conditions.

New Transmission (ProDrive)

The drive train is completely new and offers the operator effortless shifting in either manual or Automatic modes (APS).  Designed and manufactured by ZF this latest generation transmission incorporates new technology for powershift and range shift control resulting in slick operation and minimal loss of drive when range changing.

Transmission speeds are made up of 6 ranges each having four powershifts with a 20% speed increment for precise speed progression resulting in a range of speeds from 3.4km/hr to 49km/hr.  A creeper option is available for specialist operations such as bed forming or de-stoning tasks.

The powershifts are modulated based on engine torque going into the transmission and therefore optimized to give smooth seamless shifts irrespective of load.

Powershift changes are quick and smooth through the gears.  This is ideal on road work or when encountering difficult terrain or demanding load cycles. The Auto Powershift (APS) will change the powershift speeds based on engine speed parameters and load for up and downshifting. These parameters can be adjusted by the APS dial in the armrest from an ECO through to a Power setting.

Other transmission features include a four speed PTO which provides wider choice of working speeds and economy for those implements with minimal power requirements. The PTO stub shaft is a bolt on design so both 6 or 21 spline equipment may be used.


A dedicated Load Sensing pump supplies the Remote Valves and Three Point linkage, mounted externally; this is supplemented by two separate gear pumps delivering oil for steering and transmission lubrication requirements.

The electronic remote valves each have adjustment for flow rate and time duration. Three, five or six valves may be fitted. Ports are provided for Load sensing and power beyond requirements making easy connection of hydraulic implements such as forage wagons or drills.


Premier Cab General Layout

The large spacious control centre offers superior comfort and vision for the operator. Significantly larger, one of the most noticeable changes is to the cab interior, the overall distance between the doors has increased by 180mm and the wider internal distance between the fenders provides more space and comfort.

Particular attention has been given to ergonomics and seating, two types of Grammer seat are available, deluxe low frequency suspension which has an isolation improvement of 25% over the current seat or a deluxe dynamic damping suspension.  The deluxe version incorporates not only a heater but also a ventilation function to ensure day long comfort whatever the weather and this seat has 42% better isolation than today’s seat.

The interior of the all new McCormick X7 Series Tractor

New Operator Features & Functions

The entire ARMREST Console is fitted on the seat and manages the main functionality of the vehicle.  Mounted at the front is the Multi-Function Handle which incorporates the following controls:

  • Powershift  Up & Down
  • Hitch Raise & Lower
  • Remote Valve operation of a selected valve..
  • Headland Turn Button.

This allows the operator to control a sequence of commands such as hitch raise lower, multiple remote valve operations PTO and more.  These are programmed by the operator using the controls at the rear of the arm rest.

Electronic Throttle Max Set Point Memory,

This saves fuel and makes headland turns easier for the operator.  The minimum engine speed can also be set by simply placing the hand throttle to the desired point.

“My” Switch

For multiple operation of Diff Locks, Auto Powershift, Four Wheel Drive and De-Clutchduring headland turns.

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